One Word That Will Ruin Your Life

By | April 10, 2019
One Word That Will Ruin Your Life
One Word That Will Ruin Your Life

My friends, You know the world’s most dangerous word, which is the most dangerous word? This is the word “tomorrow” which we call tomorrow or yesterday. If you spend most of your time with this word, then know that it is a word that can ruin your whole life.

Friends, “Tomorrow” is of great importance in some people’s life. Now this “Tomorrow” can be of two types. One “Tomorrow” which has passed and the second “Tomorrow” which is going to come.

People who have lived in “tomorrow”, they spoil their “today” and “tomorrow” both in their rounds. They have a habit, always to think about the past and gradually this habit changes into disease and such people go into depression. They do not know themselves, While the other is “tomorrow”, the one who is going to come.

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Now most people have a habit to avoid every work tomorrow. Like..I will read tomorrow, I will get up early in the morning tomorrow, I will practice tomorrow, I will work from tomorrow. Meaning, for every such person, there is only one answer for every thing that I will do tomorrow. And the fun thing is that, “tomorrow” to come, no one has seen it till date.

Life of such people ends tomorrow and tomorrow and they never realise this thing that this tomorrow have gradually finished your dreams and your desires.. I will do tomorrow, to say that, you are ready to waste your today. That means, you are waiting for a time that you do not know about, how it will be.

You think, tomorrow you will have the courage to work itself from within yourself. That which is not coming today, tomorrow everything will happen as you want. So brother, this is exactly the way you think, I will leave from home only when all of the city’s signals are green. And you also know that it will never be possible.

Friends, you focus on my point, if you live in the past, it means you do not want to leave the house. And if you wait for the coming tomorrow, it means that he will never come.

So brother, today and now decide, what to do? Get rid of your pursuit as soon as possible by the word “tomorrow”. Otherwise, tomorrow will never pass and tomorrow will never come tomorrow. Yes, I guarantee you that, in this round your today will get definitely spoiled

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