Ratan Tata Quotes – Best Inspiration Thoughts

By | May 17, 2019
ratan tata quotes

Ratan Tata Quotes – Best Inspiration Thoughts

Ratan Tata – Chairman of the Tata Group, who has another identity, who stays always on his values ​​and his principles. Let’s know Ratan Tata’s 10 great thoughts that can change your life.

1 – All of us do not have the same talent, but we all have equal opportunities by developing our talents.

2. I do not believe in making the right decision, but after taking it, I believe in proving them right.

3. If you want to walk fast then let alone. But if you want to walk far, then come together.

4. If you have a desire to change, then you can make changes. But it is necessary for him to first change himself. Without changing yourself, you can not expect change in someone else.

5. When people throw stones at you, then you should take those stones and make a grand memorial for them … So that people will always remember you.

6. You should keep listening and learning everywhere.

7. To move forward, life fluctuations are very important. Because a straight line in ecg means that we are not alive.

8. There are many things, if I get a chance again…I would like to do better … but I will never turn back and not regret those things which I can not do.

9. Nobody can hurt iron, but his own rust ruins him. In the same way no one can hurt you, but your own mentality can beat you.

10. Should take inspiration from Great ones and say should themselves that if they can, then why can not I do it.

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