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By | March 28, 2019
Reason For Failure
Reason For Failure

Reason For Failure

The one thing that stands between you and your dreams is only you and only you. It is your responsibility to fulfil your dreams. Someone from a philosopher asked how did the person progress so much? The philosopher simply answered in a line: The man dreamed and fulfilled his wish. Strengthened the intent and then stood up on both of his legs. And the reason for the progress of the entire human history are left limited to in just one line…Reason For Failure

The most beautiful feeling in this world is the completion of a dream. but
Dreams are not those who look at sleeping. Dreams are those who do not let the person sleep. The dream to be seen while sleeping, we do not even remember. But those dreams that we see with the awakening eyes, they not only remember us .. but they do not give us sleep.

Life is a dream for a sensible person. Life is a mishap for a foolish person. So keep your dreams alive forever, because if the spark of your dreams is extinguished … then understand that you have committed suicide.

How To Control Your Mind

It is said, when you want anything from complete with your heart, then it takes the whole process to join you. But if there is any small doubt in you or you have a doubt on your own … then it means that your desire is weak. Then you can not blame the act because the fault lies in you.

If the dreams are not coming true, then change your path, not dreams. If your intention is not sure, then your dreams can never be enough. In every fall, leaves of big trees also fall, but its roots do not dry up. The roots are always strong and as the time changes, the tree becomes green again.

And here it happens with us too. Strengthen your roots, strengthen your intentions, and when the time is changed, then in life will spring again. And believe that the moment will be very beautiful. And if not sure, close your eyes and think about that moment. Imagine, all your dreams have been fulfilled. how are you feeling? Take a photo of this moment’s in your mind and start this journey to make it come true.

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