Republic Day of India 2019

By | January 26, 2019

Republic Day celebrated on January 26 every year, is the national festival of India so that every Indian celebrates with full enthusiasm, zeal and respect. Being a national festival, it celebrates every religion, sect and caste people.

Republic Day : On January 26, 1950, our country was declared a fully autonomous Republic and on this day our constitution was enacted. This is the reason that the Republic Day of India is celebrated every year on 26th January and since this day is associated with nationalism not connected to any particular religion, caste or sect, therefore every settler of the country celebrates it as a national festival.

Specially, in the government institutions and educational institutions, the flag is hoisted on the flag, and the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” is recited and various cultural programs and competitions related to patriotism are organised. With the lyrics, speeches, painting and other competitions of the country, the heroic of the country is also remembered and with the affirmation of Vande Mataram, Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, the entire atmosphere gets filled with patriotism.

There are special events on the Republic Day in India’s capital Delhi. The Prime Minister of India congratulates “Amar Jawan Jyoti” at India Gate and is honoured with reverence. On this day, especially from Delhi’s Vijay Chowk to Red Fort, Parade is the main center of attraction, in which the dignitaries of the country and abroad are invited. In this parade, salute is given to chief of the three army chief and weapons, missiles and powerful tanks used by the army are performed. Through parade, the strength and power of soldiers is told.

From village to cities, patriotic songs recite echo and every Indian once again gets filled with unfathomable patriotism. Children are very excited about this day. On this day, honors and prize distribution is also done for talented students performing best in organizing programs and sweet distribution is also special.

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