Responsibility Speech – The Ultimate Inspiration

By | March 22, 2019
The Responsibilities

The Responsibility – The Most Inspiring Speech

When I was 20, I earn 4000 rupees per month. Today 10 years later, I earn 40000 rupees a month. How many times have I failed through this journey from 4000 to 40000. How many occasions also came when I thought that now all is finished, but say – Those who have the burden of responsibilities. They do not have the right to tire, break, and escape.

This maxim applies to every person of this world. You can also relate yourself to it. Think of what we are working for? For whom do we dream or we are troubled for whom? Why do we feel these pressure on ourselves?Whenever something goes wrong or we fail, then we become depressed. What is the real reason behind this despair?

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Responsibilities – Because you have responsibilities and you understand that people are sitting in hope from you. So you can not run away and do not leave your people. Because we are human, therefore, when we are born, certain responsibilities are settled for us and we have to maintain them regardless of the circumstances.

Parents have the responsibility of nurturing their children. Now whether the parents are poor or rich, no matter how much grief is troubled in their life. But they play their responsibility in every situation. They do not have the right to tire or break or escape, and if someone does this, then he fails in the eyes of the society and in his own eyes. There is no reason for his life.

That is why today I told you this, those have the burden of responsibilities over them does not have the right to tire, break or escape. Let it sit in your heart and mind as much as possible. You will fail even thousands of times, even then you will stand up once again. You will get up and fight again and again, because you have to fulfil your responsibilities.

If you are not sure, think of how many times you have failed in life. How many times have you realised that now what? You must have thought that all the paths have been closed. But still you are walking today, your try continues .. And many of you will be like this, who have got their way in this journey of falling and getting up again and again.

So Friends, till we are alive…until then it will continue to run. Delightfully accept these responsibilities and try to make your life a paradise by your hard work and passion.

Thank You!

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