Sadness – Why people feel sad?

By | March 26, 2019
Why people feel sad?

Sadness – Why people feel sad?

According to a report in Wikipedia, about 8 million people suicide in the world every year. About 17%, that’s mean approximately 1,30,000 people are from India only. So today’s question is, why are we desperate in life or why are we unhappy? Once upon a time, ask yourself these two questions. After all, what are the reasons why we often get such failings?….Sadness –Why people feel sad?

The biggest truth of our life is that we never live for ourselves. We always live for others and we always compare ourselves with others. We are often miserable for this, that we could not prove ourselves superior to others. Because we always want to live off show life.

What people think about us or what people are saying about us, all of these make a difference to us, it is ours to say our life, but in reality it is in the hands of outsiders. So when someone annoys us, we become angry. If someone wants to make us feel bad, so we feel bad.

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Today every person is frustrated somewhere from within, he is angry inside. But he is not able to remove that anger and And this anger is making the person hollow from inside. Most people are not unhappy about this, so that there is a shortage of things in their life. Rather he is unhappy about this, that the person in front of him has that thing … but he does not have it. Now they try very hard to get it, but when they can not achieve. Then, they start kneeling inside and start to get bothering. They start making mistakes and sit down destroying their lives.

My friend, if you want to be happy in life, stop looking at others. Stop comparing yourself with others and work hard to improve yourself. It is said, it is not a crime to be born poor, but it is a crime to die poor. Poverty here is not just money, but poverty can be in your thoughts too. It can also be in your behaviour and maybe someone has a lot of money. But, if he does not have the good Sophistication to speak, such a person will also be called poor.

We are born to improve ourselves. That is why as we grow up…Our intellect, our power and our energy grow. So that we can make ourselves even better. But when we start living to show others, sadness and despair come automatically in our lives. Because every human being is different from other person. May be, the quality you have..They will not be with anyone else. And what he has, you do not have you. So recognise yourself and make yourself better. Respect yourself and you can get up in the eyes of others, when you are up in your own eyes.

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