Samurai Problem – A Motivational Story

By | November 11, 2018

Samurai Problem – A Motivational Story

A samurai who was known for his bravery, honesty and gentleness, took advice from a Jane monk.

When the monk completed the meditation, the samurai asked him, “Why do I feel so inferior? I have won many wars, how many helpless people have helped. But when I look at other people, I feel that I am nothing in front of them, my life has no significance. ”

“Wait ; When I answer the questions of the people gathered beforehand, then I will talk to you. “The monk answered.

The samurai kept waiting, evening started and slowly all the people went back.

“Do you have time for me now?”, Samurai asked the monk.

The monk said with the gesture that he should come after him, in the light of the moon, everything was very calm and benign, the whole atmosphere seemed to be very captivating.

“You are looking at the moon, how beautiful it is. It will be shining like this all night, will bring us coolness…but in the morning tomorrow the sun will be gone, and the light of the sun is a lot more, due to that we In the day, beautiful trees, mountains and whole nature can see clearly – I would say that there is no need for the moon …. His existence is useless !! ”

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” Hey ! This is not exactly what you are saying. “- Samurai said,” The moon and the sun are very different, they both have their own utility, you can not compare them like this. “Samurai spoke.

“So it means you know the solution to your problem. Every person is different from the other, everyone has his own characteristics, and he brings benefits to this world in his own way; That’s the main thing “, the monk fulfilled his point.

Friends, we should not even compare ourselves with others, if there are some qualities within others, then we have many qualities inside us, but maybe we are judge to lower our qualities and to have more Estimation to others’ qualities. We are all unique and all are special in some form.

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