Shiv Khera You Can Win – Inspirational Quotes

By | June 2, 2019
Shiv Khera You Can Win

Shiv Khera is a motivational spokesman, entrepreneur and successful writer. He has written many books, in which “You Can Win” is an International Best Seller Book. In this book, Shiv Khera has given knowledge from his life experience, stories and other ways in front of his readers. Everyone must read this book, to build a superior life and personality. “Win is your” treasure of motivation. If someone reads this book carefully, then there will definitely be positive changes in his life and he will be very helpful in making his life successful. So let’s know –

Shiv Khera You Can Win – Inspirational Quotes

1 : I am convinced that in the minds of those who have won, they should also have been desire to get temporization in mind must have borne, but they did not let them dominate.

2 : The great violinist Fritz Crisler was playing the violin at a concert. When they stopped playing the violin, a man came to the stage and asked, “I can put a whole life to play violin like you.” Chrysler responded, “I have put it.”

3 : Make time for you to improve yourself so that you do not have time to criticise others.

4 : Winners do not do different things, they do things differently.

5 : When I was tired and wanting to stop, So i was curious … that what my opponent would be doing at this time. When I see into my thinking … He is still practicing…Then, I work harder and when I see he is tired of resting … So I too started practicing too hard.

6 : If people were to know that, Ho I had to work harder in achieving this skill … then peoples do not feel my work is so surprising.

7 : When we do not know our boundaries and limitations, then we wonder ourselves by doing big and high work. Looking back, I wonder if I had any limit. We are bound only by the boundaries that we have made for ourselves. Do not allow education to bind yourself.

8 : If you value your honor, then stay in company with the virtuous people. It is better than living in bad company that you stay alone.

9 : Some people repeatedly argue that, “I can leave these evils whenever I want.” But they do not realize that … Against will, the bad effects are more powerful.

You Can Win – Inspirational Quotes

11 : Defeating is a good thing to lose by the victory of dishonesty.

12: Statement and Deed should have equality. If someone says something, and does something, then how will you believe it.

13 : Repeating mistake is the biggest mistake.

14 : Debate is something that can not be won. If we win, we will lose, and if we lose even then we will lose.

15 : Completely skillful and intelligent means – Do not get entangled in small things and debates.

16 : Commitment means that the promise will be played in every situation, whatever it may be.

17 : Forgive someone, but do not forget his name.

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