Short Story Of Mark Zuckerberg During Interview!

By | November 26, 2018

A reporter asked in an interview with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg that today your company is competing with Google. The world’s largest company Google, doing new experiments everyday and taking huge risks. Do not you ever feel scared?

Mark Zuckerberg replied : If I say that I do not feel scared, then it would be absolutely wrong because fear is such a thing which teaches you to take care of yourself and taking risks is the right thing, I believe that today this world is changing so fast. It is the biggest risk to not take any risk here, in today’s time, if you think that without any risk, without any new trials, then you will never become successful and your failure will be confirmed. If the idea of ​​my facebook fails then , I do not regret it too much.. but yes, I would have regretted if I did not try to do this despite having an idea, then maybe I would have been thinking about life whether I knew What could I get from an idea? So if you have an idea and you are constantly thinking about it then it is only to take risks at once. Believe it if you are a fail, you will not regret it as much as you would if you had some Did not work.

Understanding the Risk Business is known and the risks taken without consideration are called idiots. So research your thoughts and then start working on it. With the start of big business, with small ideas, then it may be that Today, a small thought of you yesterday made you a big business tycoon.

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