Stephen Hawking Quotes

By | January 22, 2019
Stephen Hawking Quotes

Stephen Hawking Quotes

Stephen Hawking Quotes

If the purpose of your life is greater than this universe then you can not stop anybody to live and perhaps death also crouches your will and death is something that does not wait for anyone. Death is sure of all, think, if you are told that you will survive for the next two years, what will you think, may be you end up wanting to live.

Stephen Hawking, who showed the path of living for people beyond all these. Even today, on 14 March 2018, he went on to say goodbye to this world but on 8 January 1942, Stephen Hawking was due to a fatal disease doctor limited the possibility of living his life for 2 years, but due to his strong will power Stephan Hawking has done all these things on one side and he Live your life for 76 years with your strong will power.

Inspirational great scientist Stephen Hawking’s inspiration from the life, Book written by him “A brief history of Time” has been sold in the number of crores, which is a record in the present day itself, so let know Stephen Hawking’s precious thoughts..

Precious thoughts of Stephen Hawking

Quote 1: Next time, if someone complains that you made a mistake, then tell them that it is a good thing because without perfection you can never leave anything.

Quote 2: The past is just as uncertain as the future and it exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.

Quote 3: My advice to other disabled people is to pay attention to things that do not prevent your disability and do not feel sorry for those things, which make this obstacle in doing it. Do not be disabled with both soul and body.

Quote 4: Aggression is the worst habit of humans, which destroys their civilisation.

Quote 5: Your work gives you the meaning and purpose of living life and without it your life is absolutely incomplete.

Quote 6: Look at the stars above, not beneath your feet. Try to understand the meaning of what you see and wonder, what is it that has created the existence of the universe and be eager.

Hindi Quote 7: A zero-gravitational flight is the first step towards space travel.

Hindi Quote 8: At one time, time travel was considered scientific heresy and I used to avoid talking about it, that people may not be labeled ‘eccentric’ on me either.

Hindi Quote 9: Computers do their performance better every month.

Quote 10: Controlling us by developing intellect by computers is like a real threat.

Quote 11: Many people feel confused with the Universe, it is not so.

Quote 12: Sometimes I wonder if I am so famous for my wheelchair and disability, as much as for my searches.

Quote 13: Nothing that can not always stay

Quote 14: Some people believe that love, happiness and beauty are made for people of a different community, which is different from science but I never feel like this.

Quote 15: Anyone can not predict more weather than a few days ahead.

Quote 16: When a person completely loses hope of something, then he really understands the importance of what he has.

Quote 17: Those who claim about their IQ are unsuccessful people.

Quote 18 : What was God doing before divine creation?

Quote 19 : Theology is unnecessary.

Quote 20 : Wisdom, is the ability to adopt change.

Quote 21: Nothing big or old from the universe.

The Inspiring Biography Of Stephen Hawking

Quote 22: God does not just play dice but sometimes throw it at such a place that they do not even appear.

Quote 23: Even if you have difficulties in your life or you find it difficult to live your life, if you want to succeed, then always do something else so that you will succeed.

Quote 24: I do not think mankind would be left for the next thousand years, unless we understand the space in detail.

Quote 25: I think life is more common in the universe and on planets, although intelligent life is short. Some say that it still has to come to Earth.

Quote 26: My goal is completely clear, I have to understand the universe completely, and also know that it is like this, why is that and after all what is the reason for its existence.

Quote 27: My belief says that things can not make themselves impossible.

Quote 28 : My first popular book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, created a lot of interest, but many people had difficulty understanding it.

Quote 29: The biggest disadvantage of being a celebrity is that I can not go anywhere in the world without telling anyone. I do not have enough for me to wear black goggles and I do not have to walk around the world on the wheel chair.

Quote 30 : I do not want to write my autobiography because I will become a public property and I will not have any privacy.

Quote 31: I wanted Nuclear fusion to be a source of practical energy, without the pollution or global warming, would provide an in-depth supply of energy.

Quote 32 : I believe that those who are incurable and they are in extreme pain, they should have the right to end their life and those who help them should be kept free from prosecution.

Quote 33 : I’m not afraid of death, but I’m not quick to die. I have so much to do before.

Quote 34 : I am just a child who has never grown up, I still ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ such questions and consequently I get the answer too.

Quote 35 : I have seen those people who say that everything is already fixed, and we can not do anything to change it, they also look before crossing the road.

Quote 36: If you are stuck in some way, it is good to be aggressive here, we only keep thinking about problems, but never try to solve it.

Quote 37: If you understand the universe, then in the second sense you are controlling it.

Quote 38: If you always get angry or complain, people will not have time for you.

Quote 39 : Life will be tragic if it is not strange.

Quote 40 : Science can remove people from poverty and disease and they can end social unrest in return.

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