Steve Jobs Biography – Inspiring biography of Apple founder

By | December 25, 2018

Inspiring Journey of Apple founder – Steve Jobs Biography

Today, we are talking about a rich person who had no love with his money and no money was his identity.

The person who sent his own parents to someone else, who had no one to show the path, who left college after 6 months, is known today as the revolutionary of computers around the world. He gave a new identity to the computer itself.

Yes! We are talking about Steve Jobs, here today we will talk about their life in detail and tell you how they fought their struggle and established the Apple company and how they became the world’s greatest successful man.

So let’s know the biography of computer revolutionist Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs Biography) :-

He is one of the richest man, famous for his intellect and not money.

Steve Jobs Introduction

Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. After the birth, Steve was decided to adopt someone. The first couple who were selected to adopt Steve, were educated and rich, but suddenly he had the desire to adopt a girl instead of a boy.

After this, Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara. Steve’s real mother wanted her son to get an educated family but Paul was mechanic and Clara was the accountant and both of them did not complete the college, but Clara promised to Steve’s real mother that she would teach Steve to college.


Now Steve had got his new family, who came to California Mountain View in 1961. That started his studies.

The father of Steve Jobs opened a garage to run the house and started from the same Steve and electronic journey. Steve began to tease with the electronic and it was a suit to him. They broke something first and then used to add.

Steve jobs were smart but they did not like to go to school. In most of the schools, they used to do mischief. Due to being intelligent, teachers talked of getting them to a higher class before time, but Steve’s parents refused.

At the age of 13, he met Steve Wozniak. Wozniak’s mind was too fast and he too loved electronic, so that’s why both of them soon became friends.

Upon completion of high school, Steve enrolled in Reed College, whose fees were very high and Steve’s parents ran barely to the expense. Soon he realized that he did not feel like studying and parents’ money was also wasted, so Steve decided that he would leave the college.

Perhaps the only calligraphy work was done in his entire education because today we write in such fonts in the computer, it is due to them. Sometimes, when all these things do not work, one thing comes in handy, which we have given the least attention. It may only say:-

Best things are always unplanned. So, not to have a carved plan, is okay.


After leaving college, Steve started going to a calligraphy class according to his interest. It was a time when Steve did not have enough money, he used to sleep on the floor in his friend’s room, sell coca-cola bottles and ate food, and every Sunday, seven miles away, the temple used to go for free food.

In 1972, Steve Jobs began working in the Atari name video game company. After some time, he did not even mind here and after collecting some money, he went to India in 1974, roaming around.

He stayed in India for seven months and read and understood Buddhism. After this he returned to America and again started working in the atari company and started living with his parents.

The story of a struggle in the life of every successful person will surely be there. So do not be afraid of conflict. If you are struggling then understand that your success is not far away.

Golden phase

steve jobs and steve wozniak once again became good friends. Both the thought of working together and where both of the interest was in electronic, computer making was the right decision for them.

Wozniak was always interested in computer, then he created a computer that was named ‘Apple’ in Steve’s dad’s small garage, both of them sold their own goods and collected money and converted their passions into reality. And when all this was happening, Steve’s age was only 21.

Apple made the computer smaller, cheaper and more functional. Their technology liked the buyers so much that they both earned millions of dollars together. The first invention of both either the first launch was the Apple I, which earned $ 774,000, its launch after 3 years of Apple II, which increased sales by 700 percent and it was $ 139 billion.

In 10 years ‘Apple’ became a well-known company, earning billions of dollars, but as soon as the launch of Apple III and Lisa, people did not appreciate the two. As a result, the company suffered losses, lots of losses. Unfortunately, Steve was held responsible for this, and on September 17, 1985, the company’s board of director removed Steve from the company.

They were broken when they left Apple Company, failure was being eaten by them but they did not give up. They thought: I will break through giving such a defeat and I will not be able to do anything, so it is better that I start a new one. If this thing does not get caught in their mind at this time then maybe we do not get our Steve Jobs today.

Steve Jobs knew that nobody knows better than making a computer, so why not start a new one. Then Steve opened a company named “Next”, whose first product was ‘High and personal computer’, but nothing happened so good because Apple and Lisa had already surrounded the market, But Steve was also not one of those who refused, he changed his company into a software company.

After that, believe that the fate of Steve Jobs has just opened. His company earned so much that in 1986, Steve purchased a graphics company with $ 10 million and named him ‘Pixar’. After this Steve did not look back in life. When Pixar got along with Disney, this company touched the seventh sky of success.

While the Apple company was running in loss then Apple bought “Next” from $ 477 million and Steve Jobs became Apple’s CEO. It was at this time that Apple pulled out unique products such as iPod and Apple’s first mobile phone in 2007, which spread the revolution in the mobile phone market and Steve Jobs became Star.

When he did not know between happiness and success, he had a cancerous illness, which was discovered in October 2003. His first surgery was done in July 2004. The thing worsened so much that his liver transplant in April 2009 and he breathed his last on October 5, 2011.

So this was the short biography of a great celebrity. We kept it short so that readers got an opportunity to read profitable portions. Hope you have learned something from Steve Jobs biography

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