Thank God I Am So Lucky – Inspirational Story

By | April 22, 2019
I Am So Lucky
I Am So Lucky

There are many occasions in our life, when we do not do what we want to do. You would have heard a lot of people say this like this.. My luck is bad and In my Fate is written only in cry…..Thank God I Am So Lucky

There will be some more such sentences, which are often heard. We become so engrossed in the situation of bashing and suffering that we forget about the good memories and happiness that we got in that moment.

I am writing a similar story below, maybe it will change your point of view…

Ravi had to go on a tour for one week on Monday morning. He had already prepared all his preparations….So that the clutter could be avoided at the last moment. That’s why on Sunday night to go to the airport the next morning. He booked the taxi service available in your city from 7 am on Monday morning. And early in the morning, He check the availability of that taxi.

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But at 7 a.m. the phone calls from the call center of the taxi, they can not make the taxi available. It was necessary to reach the airport on time, otherwise, afraid to escape the flight, take out the two wheeler from the house and keep a suitcase and laptop bag on it and sitting with wife and they ran, auto-rickshaw towards stand. They caught the auto and ahead toward the airport. At some distance from the airport was the large traffic. They quit auto and Ravi raced on the foot and they finally caught the flight.

Flight reached Jaipur on its scheduled time and from there, Ravi had to travel by train to Agra. So, They caught the taxi from the airport to Jaipur railway station, which can reach the railway station at very reasonable time. But in the middle perhaps a minister’s convoy came. And the traffic was stopped from all around. The fear of the train and the traffic signals on the road increased the beats of Ravi’s heart … because the leaving of the train meant the whole week’s planning was deteriorating.

Well, fighting with all the troubles, got the train, because it was running for ten minutes late. Keeping the stuff in the train, claening the sweat of the forehead and stretching long-lasting breath … Ravi said – thank God I am so lucky!

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Shocked Because Ravi should have said at this time that, My luck is bad, but Ravi’s view of seeing those incidents was positive. Because of such odd situations, even if you achieve success, then your destiny is not bad, you are very fortunate. Continuing to fight against the opposite conditions, they consider themselves fortunate. And the people who give up by tired and exhausted, they consider myself bad luck enough.

Any small challenge that came to your life, is only the test done by God. In which the successor is called the “fortune”. Your future and creator of destiny is yourself. So by keeping negative thinking away from yourself and find some positive results in every opposite situation and say “I am lucky”.

Yes, I am lucky !!

Thank You!

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