The Biggest Money In The World – Inspirational Story

By | November 13, 2018
Inspirational Story

The Biggest Money In The World – Inspirational Story

Once a powerful king was playing hunting in dense forest. Suddenly there was a cloud in the sky and there was torrential rain. The sun went down and slowly darkened. In the darkness the king forgot the way of his palace and separated from the soldiers. From the hunger, thirst and exhaust, the distraught king sat on a mound on the edge of the forest. After a while he saw three boys there.

The three children were good friends. They were heading towards the village. listen children ‘Come here.’ The King called them. When the child arrived there, the king asked him – ‘Will there be some food and water?’ I am very thirsty and hungry too.

The children replied – ‘Of course’. We go home and get something right now. They ran towards the village and immediately got water and food. King was very pleased to see the excitement and love of children.

The King said – “Dear children, what do you want to do in life? I want to help you all. ”

After thinking for a while, said a child – ‘I need money. I have not ever had the bread of two times. Never wear beautiful clothes, so I only need money. The King smiled – OK. I will give you so much money that will be happy throughout life. There is no place for happiness of children after hearing this word.

The second child asked a big excitement – “Will you give me a big bungalow and car?” The king said – if you want this then your desire will also be fulfilled.

The third child said – “I do not want money or the bungalow-car. Give me such a blessing so that I can become a scholar by reading and after finishing my education, I can serve my country. The king was very impressed by the desire of the third child. he arranged for him excellent education. He was a hard-working child, so he studied day and night and became a great scholar and When the time came, the king appointed him as minister in his state.

One day suddenly, the king remembered the incident that took place years ago. He said to the minister, “What two more friends were with you years ago, now what is their condition … I want to once again, I want to meet you all together, so invite your two friends on food tomorrow. . ”

The minister sent a message to both of them and the next day all came together in front of the king.

‘Today I am very happy to see you all together once again. I know about them … but both of you tell me about yourself. “The king said keeping the hand on minister’s shoulder.

The boy who asked for money, He said very sadly, “King, I made a big mistake by asking for money from you that day. By getting so much money, I became lazy and spent a lot of money in things worthless, even a lot of my money was stolen … .and in a few years, I got back to the same situation where you saw me. ”

The children who asked for a bungalow started crying, “King, I was living in my bungalow, but in the floods years ago everything was ruined and I reached the same position as before.

After listening to his words, the king said, “Tie this thing well, wealth does not always remain with us, knowledge comes alive and anybody can not even steal it. Education creates a human being as a scholar and a big man, so the biggest wealth is “education”.

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