The Biggest Truth Of Life – Inspirational Speech

By | February 19, 2019

The biggest truth of life – I wish… Most Inspirational Speech

I wish I would have understood life a little more and I wish I would live a little bit longer, wish I had some more time, I wish I had given my family a little more happiness, I wish I had not turned my face so quickly with my dreams..I wish I could not give up so soon, then my life today was something else.

One day all this is going to end. One day will come to your life, when you go to Flashback and your whole life will be in front of you. If you have not tried today, then in your flashback will have only one thought ” I Wish”. I wish I had done this, I wish I had tried a bit more and I wish I had tried once. Do not know how many “wishes” will happen in your brain that day.

What Is Life – Inspirational Speech

You get many chances in life, and if you miss them even after so much effort, even then your mind remains a satisfaction. Yes, I tried it wholeheartedly. But if you do not try, then you will bash yourself on that one day. Since you will always have the question that if I had tried, then my life would have changed.

If you have to die with Pride, then always try and live your life. Do not assume that you have got this life free. This life is not so cheap, you should understand the value of this life. When people ask questions on you then do not sit down by bow your head and do not accept defeat. Get up and prepare yourself. When others are giving up, you get up and struggle and make a different identity.

Your money, your position or your desires .. There are no reasons for your living, you are living because you have self esteem. You have reason to be proud of yourself. Do not be part of the herd like sheep, be the Leader like the Leader. Death comes to everyone, but when death comes the you should be proud yourself..Yes – I have lived a wonderful life.

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