The Blind Faith – Inspirational Story

By | May 5, 2019
Blind Faith

Mahatma’s cat

A Mahatma used to make an Hermitage in the jungle with some of his disciples. One day from there, a kitten wandered through the way and came to the Hermitage. Mahatma fed milk that hungry thirsty cat. The child started living there in the Hermitage. But after his arrival, a problem arose for the Mahatma….That when he sat in meditation in the evening, that child would ever climb into his lap and sometime he would sit on the shoulder or head.

So the Mahatma called one of his disciple and said … Look, before when I sit on meditation, you should tie this child with a tree. Now it was become a rule, before sitting on Mahatma meditation, the kitten began to be tie with the tree.

One day Mahatma died, then a dear and capable disciple of his, sitting on his throne. That too, when they were sitting on meditation … Before that, kitten was tie to tree everyday. Then, one day a big problem arose … that cat was over. A meeting of all the disciples happen, do all the discussion that great Mahatma …. Until then, the cat did not tie with the tree, till then Mahatma did not sit on meditation.

The Blind Faith – Inspirational Story

Therefore from nearby villages, a cat should be brought from anywhere. After all, after finding enough, a cat was found. After tie on the tree, Mahatma sits on meditation.

Believe it, after that, how many cats have died and do not know how many Mahatma are dead. But even today, till the cat does not bind with the tree, Mahatma does not sit on meditation. Ever ask them, then they say … this is a tradition. All of our old Mahatma’s have been doing, they can not be all wrong. Whatever happens, we can not leave our tradition.

Friends, somewhere, we all have kept such cats. Have ever noticed, on these cats? For hundreds of years, all of us are stuck in the wasted Traditions, created by such and unknown and some selfish elements.

It is necessary that we do not allow such traditions and superstitions to flourish anymore. And before coming to believe in such a thing next time, think that we are not to unknowingly going to have any superstitious cat?

Thank You!

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