The Deception – A Short Story Based On Truth

By | December 19, 2018
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Once a thief in a city became so special to steal that no one could ever catch it. Thief breaks the locks of many houses in the city everyday and takes valuable goods, gold and silver and cash from the homes. The town people’s were troubled by theft in the city everyday. Eventually one day the people’s of the town got fed up with these theft and decided to go to near the king. The next day the residents of the city gathered and reached the king’s palace and requested to be properly managed for the daily getting theft in the city.

The king summoned the city management to catch thief, when he heard the problems of the people. The king ordered city management to catch thief within seven days. After getting the order of the king, city management put his full strength in catching the thief and finally the thief was caught on the seventh day. Thief was presented in front of the King. After hearing all the arguments, the king gave the punishment of hanging the thief.

For hanging thief was taken to the hanging point of the city and taken to the spot. There was huge crowd on the way to see thief. The same crowd had a prostitute named Mallika. Thief was very smart and strong. Seeing the body of thief, the prostitute was fascinated by her and urged city management to leave thief instead of 100 gold currencies. City management was greedy, he got into the greed of the prostitute and said, “I accept your condition but in exchange for thief you have to send me some other person for hanging. The prostitute agreed the thief’s condition.

On the prostitute, son of a shroff of the same city was fascinated. He used to go and visit the prostitute constantly. The next day Mallika, the son of the shroff came upon him and said, “This thief is close to me. City management has asked for 100 gold coins instead of leaving it, so you come by giving 100 gold coins to City management. In the love of Mallika, son of the madman shroff reached to near the City management. The city management considered him as a man sent for hanging by Mallika and handed him over to hanging the son of the shroff and left the thief.

Mallika happily stayed with the thief. After a few days, Thief’s mind was fulfilled with Mallika and he thought, “If for a stranger like me, it can kill own lover, then it can taking my life too.”
Just thief had the need of thinking and the thief robbed Mallika’s entire wealth and fled on the next day.

That is why a friend has said, “The result of deception, appears in the form of deception, that is why never betrayal anyone.”

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