The Discovery Of Good Man – Short Inspirational Story

By | December 11, 2018

It is said that there is no time of goodness in today’s period. But even today there are many people who recognize the good man as he gets it and sometimes, when doing good for others, we do something different in life. Something similar is based on our story of today.

Once in a village, the wealthiest person in the village constructed a huge temple. When the temple was ready, many devotees started reaching for the temple. Looking at the grandeur of the temple, people did not tire of praising the temple. Over time, the temple’s reputation began to be known in the popular temples and the devotees started reaching the temple from far away. Seeing the growing number of devotees, that person arranged food and lodging arrangements for devotees in the temple. But soon they needed a person who oversee all these arrangements in the temple and maintain the temple arrangement.

The next day he made a notice for an administrator outside the temple. Many people looking at the notice came to near the rich man. People knew that, if the work of the administrator is found in the temple then the salary would also be very good. But the wealthy person returned to him after meeting everyone, and said to everyone, “I want a good man for this work, who can take care of the temple properly.”

Many people give abuses in mind to the rich man when he returned to him. Some people used to call him a fool and a madman too. But he does not pay attention to anyone’s matter and remains engaged in searching for a right person for the temple administrator. The person used to sit on the terrace of his house every morning and see the visitors coming to the temple.

One day a very poor person came to God’s philosophy in the temple. The rich man was watching him from the roof of his house. He was wearing torn and very dirty clothes. From seeing, he did not seem to have read too much. When he started visiting God’s philosophy, that wealthy man called him his come near and said, “Will you work as administrator of this temple?” Listening to the wealthy person, he was surprised and said, “Sir, I am a very poor man and I have not even read or written.” How can I handle the management of such a large temple?”

The rich man smiled and said, “I do not want any scholar man to arrange for the temple …only a good person wants to managing this temple.
“But in so many pilgrims, why do you consider me a good man?” He asked surprise.

The rich man said, “I am aware that you are a good person. On the way to the temple, I had seen a piece of brick for many days, whose one corner came out from the top. For many days I was watching that many people were stumbling across the piece of it and many people stumbled over it and even fall, but no one thought of removing that piece of it from there. You did not stumble over that piece of it, but still you thought of seeing it and moving it from there. In the meantime, you took the spade from the laborer and leveled the land there removing the piece. Listening to the wealthy person, the person said, “I have not done any great work, thinking about others and removing the dilemmas coming in the way is the duty of every human being. I just did what was my duty.

The wealthy person smiled and said, “People who know and follow their duties are good people.” By saying this, the wealthy person handed over the responsibility of temple management to that person.

Seeing the temple, the country became famous abroad.

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