The Ego – A Short Inspirational with Moral Stories

By | December 14, 2018
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It’s a long time ago. A sculptor lived in a village. He had made such statues, seeing everyone who had the illusion of living the statues. His fame in all the nearby villages was that people were lovers of his sculpture. That is why the sculptor had great pride in his art. A time came in the way of life, when he started to feel that he is now going to die, he would not be able to survive for long. When he thought that soon he would be dead, he got into trouble.

He made a plan to confuse the devil (messenger). He was similar to himself having ten sculptures and he himself got stuck between those statues. When devil (messenger) came to take him, he was sensed by seeing eleven such idols. They were not able to identify who is the real man of those statues. They started thinking what to do now. If the soul of a sculptor could not take, then the rule of creation will be broken and if the statues are broken to test the truth then the art will be insulted.

Suddenly a devil (messenger) got the idea of ​​testing the biggest evil ego of human nature. Seeing the statues, he said, “How beautiful are the statues, but there is an error in idols. If the person who created the statue was in front of me, then tell him what mistake it is to make a statues.”

The ego of the sculptor woke up by listening to this, he thought, “I dedicate my whole life to making statues, what can be wrong in my statues”. He said, “What kind of error” …

Immediately the devil (messenger) caught hold of him and said, “That’s the mistake you made in your ego, that lifeless statues do not speak” …

The reasoning of the story is that “History is a witness, ego has always given nothing to the person except trouble and sorrow”.

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