The Four Candles – A Motivational Story

By | November 10, 2018

It was night time, silence was spread all around, four candles were burning in a nearby room. After finding solitude, today they were talking to each other from the heart.

The first candle said, “I am peace, but I feel that this world is no longer needed by me, everybody has been robbed, I can not stay here anymore. .. “and saying that in a while, that candle was extinguished.

The second candle said, “I am confident, and I think there is no need for me between lies and fury, I am also going from here …”, and the second candle was also extinguished.

The third candle is also sad, “I am love, I have the power to keep on burning, but today everyone is so busy that nobody has time for me, away from others … People are forgetting to love themselves I can not tolerate all this, I am going from this world …. “And the third candle was also extinguished by saying this.

The third candle was still extinguished that an innocent child entered the room.

Seeing the candles, he got nervous, tears with his eyes drip, and he said sadly,
“Hey, why are not you burning the candles, you have to burn till the end! How can you leave us in this way? ”

Then the fourth candle said, “Dear children do not panic, I am “Hope” and as long as I am burning, we can burn the other candles again. ”

listen This child’s eyes shine, and she again illumined peace, trust, and love on the strength of hope.

Friends, when everything looks bad, darkness will be seen all around, Do not give up hope even if you start feeling defeated … Do not leave hope, because it has so much power in it, that you can return all lost things to you. Keep your candle of hope alive, If it stays burning then you can illumined any candle.

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