The Greedy – Good Moral Story

By | December 22, 2018
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It was a matter of time, a huge elephant lived in a forest. He was so huge, that when he got out in the jungle, all the animals in the forest saved their lives and started running away. Many of his big legs were crushed and crushed under the feet. The entire forest was very troubled by the horror of that elephant. All the animals in the forest kept thinking about the way to kill the elephant, but do not suggest any such remedy, to kill that giant elephant.

All the animals were so troubled by the horror of elephants that they had no choice to kill the elephant. But the real problem was that how to get rid of the horrific elephant’s horror. For this, all the animals in the forest decided to meet under a tree of Banyan. At the appointed time all the animals in the forest gathered under the banyan tree. by this time, an elderly jackal took the lead in killing the elephant.

Jackal said to all the animals- brothers, all the remedies told by you are a danger to yourself, so they can not be executed, but I say to all of you, that I will take breath by killing the elephant.

“But how” (all animals asked in one voice)

“With your intellect and discretion … .reach any work in the world is not impossible” (elderly Jackal said …)

Okay, if you succeed in killing the evil elephant, then we will all accept you as ours leader .. (All animals agree together).

He next day, in the morning, the elderly and the intelligent Jackal, Arrived at the residence of elephant and said obeisance by elephant. Monsieur Elephant, I have been present from the side of all the animals in the forest. The thing is, King lion of the forest has not been able to fulfill its responsibilities correctly, therefore all the animals in the forest have appointed you the new king of the forest. In this topic all the animals have gathered here under the tree of the banyan, so you should go and take up your position and take care of your responsibility.

Hearing the old jackal, the wicked elephant got caught in the greed of power and followed the jackal without thinking anything. The jackal took the elephant from the road to the banyan tree and there was a deep swamp on the way. In the mind of the elephant, the power had become so dominant that he did not understand anything about the path. Due to the elephant’s giant, as soon as the elephant’s feet fell into the swamps he went into the swamps. The elephant pleaded for help from the jackal, but it was too late, the elephant was caught in the jackal’s trap.

The moral of the story is that, should never come into greed and decide in haste! Always work with your intellect and discretion.

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