The Last Message – A Motivational Story

By | November 12, 2018

A famous Saint of Rishikesh was very old and his end was near. One day he called all the disciples and said, “Dear disciples my body has been dilapidated and now my soul is repeatedly telling me it to leave, and I have decided that on this day when the sun enters the Capricorn Then I will leave this zone. ”

The disciples became alarmed when they heard the saint’s speech, and began to mourn, but the saint asked everyone to remain calm and accept this firm truth.

After a while, when all became silent, one disciple asked, “Saint, will not you teach us today?”

“Of course”, say saint

“Come near me and look at my mouth.”

A disciple came closer and started watching.

“Tell me what looks in my mouth, tongue or teeth?”

“That’s just the tongue in sight.”, The disciples said

Then the saint said, “Now tell me who came first in both?”

“The tongue came first.”, Said one disciple.

“Well, who was Rigid in both?”, Saint again asked a question.

“Yes, Rigid was only the tooth. “, Talk to a disciple.

“The tooth is lower than the tongue, but it has already gone before it, but the humble and sensitive tongue is still alive … disciples, this is the rule of the world, Which is ruthless, is rigid and which is proud of its strength or knowledge, it is soon destroyed, so you should be as simple, humble and loving as all tongues, and shake it with your good deeds, this is my last message. ” And with these words saint paradise gone.

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