The Last Opportunity – A Motivational Story

By | November 24, 2018

Friends, failure in life comes and goes. Some people break away from failure and stop trying. At the same time, they compromise with their lives and dreams. I will say this to you – the last chance too can open the doors of your fate. To explain this, I hear you a story.

once upon a time. There was a fierce battle in two kings. The victorious king closed all the ministers of the lost King in a room. There were 100 doors in that room.

After a while, a door opened and a minister came in. He told to all – if you want to stay alive then accept the slavery of our king. I give you time to think all of you till tomorrow.

I will come again tomorrow By saying this, the minister went away and the door was closed again. Among the ministers imprisoned in that room, one wise minister said – Do not be disappointed even in a darkness, a ray of light is necessary.

We all should try to open a door. Everyone said – bigger locks are on the door. None of these doors will open. Upon hearing this, he said the minister – we should definitely try once.

All people began to open one by one all doors and started looking at them. But because of the large locks on all the doors were not open. After a while, all got very tired and sat down, but the wise minister continue try to opened the all door one by one…

When he becomes tired, he rests for a while and starts to open the doors again. All the people were saying to him repeatedly that you are wasting your time. None of these doors will open.

That minister did not listen to anybody and he was engaged in opening the door. When the number of 100 doors came. As soon as the minister pushed that door, some stirred up and opened the door in a few endeavors.

After that, he left the house with the minister, the king and the rest of the people.

Friends, I want to explain to you this story that not all doors are closed during the time of trouble. Just need to be patient and keep on moving forward. That’s why I say The last chance also can open the doors of your fate.

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