The Most Important Thing In Life

By | March 7, 2019

The Most Important Thing In Life?

Friends, family is the most important things in our lives, yes you heard the right…Today everyone wants to be like the star that shines in the sky, but nobody wants to understand that the star which is shining alone in the sky is so lonely. How far is he far away from his closest stars…..Even after reaching the horizon of life, the number of suicides due to loneliness is not less. Every year we hear about such famous and great people. Because of loneliness, this world they has been called bye. In the eyes of the world, these stars was shining more brightly. But in their own life, they was completely alone.(The Most Important Thing In Life)

Today, we have a race all around, and everyone in this race is running away. Someone wants to outrun someone, then someone is trying to push anyone back and in the wake of this race that ends with life, we are leaving behind them all too, due to which we get some time to relax in this race and running life.

Once a son asked his father – “Papa, what is successful life?”

Father took with son to fly kite – soon the kite started flying up in the sky, the son was watching with his father carefully and after a while he Said – “Papa break this thread, because of that kite is not able to go up more in the sky.”

The father did the same thing, The kite immediately became slightly higher and then waved and went away to some unknown place. The son was shocked to see how the flying kite fell down in the air.

So the father explained to him that son – “The height at which we fly in life, we often feel that the things we are connected with are preventing us from going upstairs … such as family, friends, discipline And parents.”

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We want to be free from them …. But the truth is that these are the threads, who have kept bind us up. Without them, we also have the same fate, that happened to that kite.

Friends, fly as much as you want in life, but do not ever break these threads for flying high. Because this is what, which made your existed. If these does not happen in you life, so you, fly as much as you wish. But you will never be able to succeed completely.

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