The Organization – Short Story on Unity

By | December 18, 2018
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Brother, it is clear that if any work is done in the organization, then the probability of success of that work increases. The same thing introduces you to our story “The Organization | Short Story on Unity “where you will be able to know about organization. So take it, our story of today…

Many years old …. There was a village near Mathura. A logger lived in that village. The logger daily used to take woods in the forest in the morning and sells it in the evening to the village. Once the logger went to the forest in the morning, he saw the child of a wild dog lying in the pit. The logger pulled the dog out of the pit and brought it to his house with it to treat it. Shortly thereafter, the child of a wild dog went to Mingled very well from the logger’s family..

When the child of a wild dog grew up, the logger thought that “The open atmosphere of the forest will be good for the dog, so now it should be left in the jungle”. It was just the thought of the logger, the next day, the dog left the forest. The dog quickly mingled with other dogs in the jungle and became his friend.

A few days later, the logger came to know that there is a tiger in the forest which often hunts for dogs and ate them. Now the logger started worrying about his dog. The logger decided to hunt a tiger to save his dog by thinking some thoughts. The next day logger made a plan to kill the tiger. He dug a big pit in the middle of the forest and stood all the dogs behind the pit and stood in front of the pit itself.

In a short time, the tiger came under the dog’s hunting area. Tigers watched them to scare the dogs and made a long roar. The logger was standing with dogs; therefore, the dog was not afraid to hear the tiger’s roar and was unhesitatingly at his place. Then the tiger’s eyes were on the logger. As soon as to kill the logger, the tiger has swift on the logger, the logger suddenly jumped to another side and the tiger went straight into the logger pit.

What was just, seeing the opportunity, all the dogs fell on the tiger and soon killed the lion and in this way the dog’s organization succeeded in conquering animals like the lion.

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