The palace of lies – A Inspirational Story

By | December 13, 2018
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An artisan used to work for years in the palace of a king. He built many prized palaces for the king and earned a lot of money. One day he thought in his mind, that now I have earned so much wealth that I can spend my remaining life in comfort now. Why not leave the workmanship of the king for now and live your remaining life alive!

After thinking of this, he reached the king’s palace and he spoke to the king about his mind. The king listened to the whole thing of the workmanship and told the artisan, “You have built many priceless palaces for us … in our state there is a great need of skilled workmanship like you, but as you said, now you do not want to do this work, We allow you to go to respect. But our big wish was that we should construct a beautiful palace for the Queen. If you can build that palace for us, we will be very happy.

The workmanship thought, I have served my whole life for king, if I do not build this palace, then the king will get angry with me. Therefore, workmanship made Yes to build the palace and got into the construction of the palace.

During the working, suddenly he thought in his mind, why would he quickly go out on a foreign trip by constructing this palace quickly. What was it, the workmanship started to raised the weak walls, in the greed of finishing their work quickly.

The cement layer climbs up from the top of the walls and hollow from inside. Hollow from the inside, but when the palace of gold shining from above was ready, the workmanship got up in the service of the king and said, “King, the palace is ready.”

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The next day King came to visit the palace. The palace was actually very attractive and beautiful. The king praised the artisan and said, I am very pleased with your work and wondering why not this palace should be given to you in the prize. By saying so, the king gave the palace to the workmanship and went away from there.

After the king’s departure, the craftsman regretted his actions and began to crying by hiding his face.

The reasoning of the story is that, who digs Griddle for others, first of all, they falls on that griddle. Who makes the palace of lies, first of all, it falls in it.

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