The Power Of Words – Inspirational Story

By | November 6, 2018

A young Tiger first came out to hunt. He had just passed a little ahead that a Hyena stopped him saying, “Hey small Tiger where are you going?”

“I have come out hunting myself for the first time today”, The tiger said thrilled,

“Ha-ha-ha-“, Hyena laugh, “Now you are on the day of your play, you are so small, you have no experience of hunting, what will you hunt”

The Tiger was sad after listening to Hyena, he kept roaming around for the day’s hunt, did some effort and did not get success and he had to return home only to the hungry stomach.

The next morning he left for hunting again. On going away, an old monkey saw him and asked, “Where are you going?”

“Monkey uncle, I’m going on the hunt. “Tiger talked.

“Very good” monkey said, “You can become a very skilled hunter due to your strength and speed, you will get success soon.”

The tiger was filled with excitement and in a short time he hunted a little buck.

Friends, “words” in our lives are very important. The tiger was the same on both the days, there was the same strength and the same power, but on the day when he was discouraged, then he failed and the day he was encouraged, he succeeded.

From this small story, we can learn three important things:

First, we should try to encourage anyone with our “words”, not discourage. Of course, this does not mean that we do make him aware of his shortcomings, or just encourage him in the lie.

Secondly, we avoid people who always think and speak negative, and cooperate with them whose outlook is positive.

Third and the most important thing, what we talk to ourselves, what words we use in self-talk, keep in mind the most, because these “words” are very powerful, because these “words” are our thoughts They are created, and these ideas come into being as reality of our lives, so friends, recognise the power of words, use the positive words as far as possible, understand that they can change your life.

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