The Secret of Long Lasting Relationship

By | November 22, 2018

Aman was a quiet nature boy. He lived with his wife Aarti in a small rented house. For the last three years, he was working in a multinational company and his salary has not increased even once. He used to think again and again to tell me about the salary increase from the boss, but every time he hesitated, he could not say anything.

But one day he decided that today I will definitely talk to the boss about this. Aarti also raised Aman’s courage and gave lunch in hand and said “all the best”.

After reaching the office, Aman took the right opportunity to tell the boss about his heart.

Boss smiled, “Absolutely Aman, in the meeting that happened a few days ago, we had decided that this time you will be given 30% hike … we were about to tell you about this …. The company is happy with your loyalty and performance and from next month you will be getting increased paycheck “

Aman did not believe that his speech was so easily accepted. There was no limit to his happiness. As soon as the office was finished, to announce this good news, he bought the favorite sweets of the aarti and came out to the house.

Aarti was also sitting in the waiting room for Aman. Seeing from a distance, she understood that Aman has got the salary hike. She stood at the door to welcome Aman.

Aman, got inside the gate. Aarti was ready to wear a beautiful sari. The whole house was bathing in a scent…. A new set of crockery was installed on the dinner table and a candle was burning in the middle. Everything was eaten in the food which was very much like Aman … .and there was a beautiful card kept in between them.

Aman picked up the card and started reading-

“Dear Aman, I knew that whatever you want will be … in your happiness, today I am most happy … this fragrance … this new crocry set … these dishes … this candle … all this is something to tell you that I How much i love you….I love you so much”

After reading this, he smiled and hugged his wife.

“I just want to sweeten your mouth.” It says or goes from Aman kitchen to take plate.

But what about this … the kitchen shelf had the same card as it was just read.

Aman immediately picked up the card, and read-

Dear Aman,

What happened that did not increase your salaries … no problem! I know your value is more than these little hikes … These fragrances … these new crockery sets … these dishes … these candles … all this is something to tell you how much I love you…I love you so much…
From Aarti!

Aman had tears in his eyes, he had come to know that the love for Aarti does not depend on his success or failure … he is unconditional … Today Aman’s self-confidence had increased…! Now he was more than happy to increase his salary, because he had someone who completely accepted him under any circumstances.

Friends, people need our love, trust, and support most when they are going through a bad phase…but often we are involved in their success but leave them alone to deal with failures. Let us not do that… If we have one such person who accepts us in every situation, then we can face this world effortlessly and find hard-to-hard success. And you know, what is the easiest way to get that person …. That is to become such a person for someone else himself, so make certain such relationships in life that you are ready to accept completely and unconditionally and you will find that you also have some people who are just and only with you or not from your success-failure! And this is the secret of a strong relationship!

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