Thinking – Do What You Think

By | March 31, 2019
Surely You Do What You Think

Thinking – Do What You Think

You know, I had a friend. Very good and very hardworking…He always ready to help everyone. In his character, there was so much energy in his words..Whatever was meet with him, the energy came immediately within him. His marriage was just three years and he had a lovely little daughter. He had a very beautiful family. Mother, father, little sister-wife and little daughter….Thinking – Do What You Think

Everything was very right. Then one day he was going somewhere with the bike, suddenly two school children came in front of him. He immediately brake it, only then the fastest bus coming from behind crushed him. He died immediately, I can not tell this, what will have passed on his family … but yes his death forced me to think what am I doing?

How To Motivate Yourself

You know, most people ask me, what is that matter, that someone can motivate to such an extent … that the person is ready to do anything.
I think that this is the thing … which can make a person so Motivate, that he will be ready to do anything. All of you, I ask a question …. Suppose, this week is your last week of life, you only have 7 days to live..

What do you think about yourself ? Do you regret that you did not do what you liked or your passion was ? Would you regret that you did not spend time with your family, friends or with those whom you loved ?

Would you regret that you did not have your life with its full potential? You know, once Steve Jobs said in his speech that … every morning when you wake up, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself all these questions. If you get all the answers for many consecutive days in yes, then it is time to change yourself.

Change everything, because of that reason you are living with this regret.. This life is very small and no one can tell when it will happen here. It does not matter how good a person is. It does not matter if he deserves death or not. There is no guarantee that what can happen with you the next moment. So if you are living such a life, thinking about which you are going to regret, then just change it at this time.

Who dies fighting, he knew that he gave his 100%. He does not even regret losing, because he knows that he could do as much as he did, he did. But whoever does not give 100% of his, He always regret in his mind. Always assume that whatever you have to do … right now and at this moment do it. Because after this you do not know whether you have time or no.

What I told you today, this was not a story, but it was a fact and you would have had many such incidents around people too. So today, think about this, what are you doing?

Thank You!

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