Third Wiser Friend – Motivational Story

By | November 22, 2018

Many years ago, two Arabi friends found a huge treasure map. The treasure was in the middle of a desert. Both started making plans. It took too long to reach the treasure and there was also the danger of death from hunger-thirst on the way. On much consideration both of them decided that a more intelligent friend should be included in this plan so that they could take another camel with him, which would bring a lot of food to him and on being lot of Treasure, they can also pick him up on the camel.

But the question is, who will be the choice?

After much thought, Mohammed and Rizwan were elected. Both were the same in every way and it was difficult to say who is more intelligent in both of them? Therefore, it was decided to choose the right person through a contest.

Both began to move forward and reached the point where the route was divided.

After reaching there, Mohammed looked around, he did not understand any difference between the two paths and he quickly went forward to the left. However, Rizwan kept looking at those paths for a long time, and kept thinking about the consequences of moving forward on them.

About 1 hour later, the dust appeared on the left side of the road. Mohammed was coming back on that path very quickly.

Rizwan smiled and said, “The wrong way?”

“Yes, maybe!”, Mohammed answered.

The two friends were watching all this by hiding and they immediately came in front of them and said, “Congratulations!

“Thank you!”, Rizwan responds quickly.

“Not you, we chose Mohammed.” Both friends talked together.

“But Mohammed had escalated on the wrong path … then why is he being chosen?”, Rizwan said in an angry.

“Because he figured out who is the wrong way and now he can go ahead on the right path, while you just sat in one place and lost it thinking that which path is right and which is wrong. Understanding is not about thinking about anything more than necessary, but after a time, it is in working and working with it. “Both of them have fulfilled their point.”

Friends, sometimes there is such a point in our life, where we can not decide which path is right and which is wrong. And in this way many people waste their time just thinking. However, it is necessary that instead of over-analyzing things, your options like Mohammed should be carefully considered and taken action and on the basis of our experience, we will go ahead.

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