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By | December 1, 2018

There are many such shocking places in India where you will not have faith in your eyes. Yes, there is such a view that the Lepakshi Temple in Andhra Pradesh, made in the sixteenth century. There is a pillar in this temple which is not hinged on the ground. Many scientists and engineers could not detect the mystery.

This temple is built on a high mountain. There are many stories behind why this temple was named Lepakshi. Lepakshi means’ Rice Bird, the relation of this temple is associated with the Ramayana. It is said that when Ravana was taking Sita to Lanka, then on this place, Jatayu had stopped the way of Ravana. The battle of Ravana and Jatayu had happened in this place and it is said that there are some marks associated with that war. Although Jatayu was wounded in the war.

The pilgrims visiting this temple spend their cloths under this pillar and it is believed that it brings prosperity in their life.

There is a beautiful artwork on the pillars and walls of this temple. But till now no scientist has understood the technology of standing on this pillar. Even many British engineers came to explore it but returned from surprise.

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