True Friends – Inspirational Short Story

By | April 21, 2019
True Friends
True Friends

In a city, there was a shroff named Daulat Ram, His very good business was. There was no shortage of money, but there was a friend of Daulat Ram who used to sit near him. Friendship was gradually increasing, That friend was always came near to him and talked….True friends

One day in front of Daulat Ram, there was some sort of work that he had to go out with the family. But the problem was, where should the money be kept while going?

The family members advised that, when friend will come? But he did not know much about the friend and never got a chance to test his friend. So how did he leave the entire capital of his life handed over to his friend?

After thinking something, Daulat Ram locked in the locker and called the friend and told all the problem, then handed him the key. After that, Daulat Ram went to another city with his family.

When the work was completed, then Daulat Ram returned from the city. The next day he called his friend, but when he came, Daulat started fighting Ram. “Did not you trust me, so did you give me the key by filling pebbles in the vault?”

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Daulat Ram’s family was shocked to hear the friend’s words, the land was swept away by everyone’s feet. But Daulat Ram was silent, he had a smile on his face … He said, “How did you know that there are pebbles in the vault? Surely you must have break the lock, because I was filled pebbles in the safe, so that I could test your friendship. “

So, it is important to test any friend before believing. Below are some gurus mantras that will assist you in identifying a true friend.

  • Those who change your life, bring changes inside you and help you, that can be your real friend.
  • Your true friend is the one who knows everything about you and loves you accordingly.
  • To select a friend, climb up one step on ladder and get down one step from ladder to choose the wife.
  • Do not make any difference if your friends are thousands, if you have one true friend, then he will appear with you everywhere.

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