True or False – Learning Of Life

By | November 15, 2018

A sailor was working on the same ship for three years. One day the sailor was drunk in the night. This happened for the first time. Captain recorded this incident in the register like this, “The sailor was drunk tonight.”

The sailor had read this thing. Sailor knew that this one sentence would have a great effect on his job. So he went to the Captain, apologised and told the Captain that in whatever he wrote, add it to him that this is the first time in three years, that is why the truth is pure.

The Captain refused to speak to him and said, “That whatever I have registered in the register, that is true.”
A few days later, there was a turn to filling the register of sailors. He wrote in the register – “Captain drinks no alcohol tonight.”

The Captain read it and told the sailor that you either changed this sentence or wrote something else to write the whole thing, because what was written was clear from the fact that the captain used to drink alcohol every night. The sailor said to the captain that whatever he has written in the register, the same is true.

Both things are correct, but the message that comes from both, is that the stuff of lies.

Friends, we get two things to learn from this story, first – we should never talk like this, who will give wrong messages even when correct, and listen to something else and make a thought or feedback before it It should be said that there is no other aspect of this matter. In summarised, we should abstain from half truth.

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