Two Cups Of Tea With A Special Friend – A Motivational Story

By | November 25, 2018

Friends, the desire to make everything together and quickly in life are almost all of us, everybody want to earn good money, walk around the world, elderly people say..body and life are over but desires never end. If one thing gets done then the mind starts wishing the other, better than it and greater … Just after getting all these life passes.

We have to work harder to achieve all of these quickly, and in the meantime we start falling short of twenty four hours of the day.

Now the question?

“Should not we have desires? What are the wrong things to do? And is it really wrong to change these desires, hard work for it, what are wrong?”

In my opinion, no, at all, there is no life even without any desires? On this earth, people have not taken desires by taking birth in the form of human beings, if they do not work hard to realize them, then in my opinion life is spent in vain, living without desire and hope only have to pass the time?

It is not good to forget the other very important things to fulfill your desires in case to achieve your goal. Remember, do not come back that time for anyone and not at any cost. In such a situation, if you are thinking of things which are considered unimportant now, in future you will want to enjoy all those things and pleasures in the past, In such a case, if you consider things which are considered to be insignificant, then in the future you will come in the past and would like to enjoy all those things and pleasures, all those who forgot when you achieved your goals. Or, say that you did not give importance to them and you will repent.

Come, understand these things through a very beautiful story.

A professor of philosophy came to the class and told the students that they are today to teach a very important lesson of life.

They brought with them a big jar of a glass and kept on the table and put the table tennis balls in it and kept putting it till it did not leave any space in it.

They asked the students – what jar have been full?
Yes .. All the students said together in a voice.

Then, Professor started filling small buds in it, slowly stirring the jar, so many pebbles were left in the place where it was empty, again Professor asked, Is the jar now full?

The students once again thought about it … Yes, sir, jars are now filled.

Now the professor slowly started sanding in the jar with the sand pouch, the sand also sat in the jar where possible, now the students laugh at their nonsense.

Then the professor asked, why now this jar is full, right?
Yeah .. now it’s full. Everyone said in one voice.

Sir removed two cups of tea from the bottom of the table and put it in a tea jar filled with tea, tea was also absorbed in a small place situated in the sand.

Professor began to explain in grave voice –

You understand your life as the glass jar.

Table tennis balls are the most important part i.e. God, family, children, friends, health and hobbies, small peddles means your job, car, big house etc. And the meaning of sand is also more small things, pique, quarrels etc is.

Now if you were the first sand in the glass jar, then if there was no space for table tennis balls. If peddles filled up, then the balls could not be filled, the sand could definitely come. The same thing applies to life.

If you fall behind the small things and destroy your energy in it, then you will not have much time left for the main things.

What is the necessity for the happiness of the mind, you have to decide. Play with your children, pour water into the garden, go out to wander with the wife in the morning, take out the waste products of the house, check medical check-up etc.

Do the first thing about table tennis balls, that is the most important.

First decide what is necessary? … the rest are all sand as you all see, they can even apply after filling the jars, the professor laughed and said.

The students were listening very carefully. Then suddenly one asked, sir, but you did not say that “what are the two cups of tea”?

Professor smiled, said .. I was thinking that no one has asked this question so far.

The answer is that, life should be perfect and satisfying to us, but there should always be taking out some time for drinking two cups of tea with your special friend.

Friends, how is this story, we will give our thoughts down through comments here.

Thank You For Reading!

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