Unworthy Son – A Very Heart Touching Inspirational Story

By | March 27, 2019
Inspirational Story
Unworthy son

Heart Touching Inspirational Story

In every family, there is definitely an unworthy son..Who, when needed then he left everything and ready to help others. Even after doing so, he remain unworthy in everyone’s eyes. So let’s know that this unworthy son, why always remains unworthy?..Inspirational Story

One day at night, suddenly the father’s health worsened. Mom got scared and quickly came to wake her three sons. But I do not know why she could not raise the courage to awaken both the sons, and without wasting a single moment she reached the worthless son’s room. Listening to the mother’s feet, suddenly the worthless son came out and ran into the father’s room running away with mother.

Then when father shouted “Hey Unworthy” where were you so late. Now take me to the hospital soon, or else I will die because of you today. “
Without being late, the worthless son picked up the father and sat in the car and ran to the hospital quickly. Reaching hospital by handing the father under the supervision of the doctors, he started to stroll out.

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From childhood till date, he came to hear the inexhaustible words for himself. He had accepted it somewhere in his heart, that perhaps he is worthless. That is why his father and his brother always call him unworthy. Yes, there is only one mother, who has kept his real name alive so far. But today if something happened to her father, maybe she too..

Thinking tears started falling on his eyes, then the doctor told that his father is now out of danger and that he can take him home in the morning.

As soon as he returned home, the father said, “Leave me unworthy Son” You must have thought that the old man will not return. “ Sadly, he goes to his room. Mother could not stop her feeling and said, “So much does so, despite all it is worthless for you”.

Vivek and Vishal have both are slept yet, they are not even aware of what happened on the night .It was came without calling and did not bothered anyone. God forbid, if there were any untoward yesterday night, then?

What is lacking in my son? He is handling his family, both of us, house-houses, ancestral business, relatives and relatives everything.

While the rest, whom you consider worthy of … those sons take care of their in-laws and just their wife and children. Ever ask you, how are you? And you are do not leave a single chance to embarrass and scold him. After Saying, the mother had started crying…

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Then the father said to her mother:

Perhaps you have not understood me till today. Yes it is true that I have always been scolding it. Because I am scared that they should not be like them.

Now if you want, say me selfish. But I am scared, if he was realised that.. It is more worth than both of them.. So he do not become like them. Then who will take care of us and who will handle us? On the other side, he stood on the door and he was listening to all the conversation. His eyes were also filled with tears.

He thought that he should hug to his father’s. But after doing so, his father would know everything … thinking that he walked towards his room. He did not even reach the room, that his father’s voice was heard in the ears ..

Hey unworthy … .. where kept those medicines. Explain him how much but he does not understand it.By removing the medicines from the car ..ran towards the father’s room.

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