What Is Life – Inspirational Speech

By | February 14, 2019

What is the truth of life?

what is life? When we ask these questions to somebody, the reaction of the people is very strange. Most people do not even know what is life? Life means live it for emotions That means when we take together many emotions, we are called Life. You are happy or you are sad, you want laughter or you want to cry, you love someone very much or you hate anyone.

Your selfishness, your ego, your goodness, your thoughts, all these emotions together make up your life. Seeing life…there is a journey. Someone is happily crossing it, so someone is distraught and is crossing forcibly.

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But there is a truth, whether it crosses it happily or cross it with force but you have to cross it. Will keep crying, be troubled, running away from difficulties, will always be damned to life even so there is no difference from this. When you die..you will realise that you have lost your life. In this life you have not given anything to anyone. Even so…you did not do anything for yourself.

But, if you’re pleased, while helping people with smiling, facing difficulties, while enjoying the smallest happiness … If your life ends, then there is a sense in mind that I did something good in life so someone was happy because of me, because of my support someone got support, because of me someone had learned to live life. I did not give up in my life, when the situation was bad then I fought, when the circumstances were good i used to enjoy them. During happiness or grief…everyone enjoyed the same.

I do not know what happens after life but I know what happens in life !! So friends, what is life? You will definitely ask for himself and will reply below in the comment box. I will wait for your answer, because even for me it is still completely to know life.

Thank You!

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