Who I Am – Inspirational Words

By | April 3, 2019
Inspirational Words

Who I Am – Inspirational Words

Every morning when you get up and go in front of your mirror and see yourself and say to yourself : I know who I am …
I know what i am..
I do not need, someone else’s certificate. Somebody else can not tell me what am I deserve….Inspirational Words

I know what is my status and I also know how to carry this arousal. I do not make excuses….Neither I am very happy… Nor am I sad.

Never Give up – Read this Definitely before Give up

I know who I do not have to say and who to say yes to…I learn from myself and proceed with myself. I do not need any god father. Because I know where is my destination and how to reach me there. I laugh and cry too,
I fall, I fail … but

I learn and then get up and stand up … because I know that man is alone in conflict and In success, the world is together. To date, the world that laughed at. He has created history. I do not need to remind myself again and again, who am I. Because I know who I am …

Thank You!

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