Your Life Was Never Yours – Best Inspirational speech

By | February 19, 2019

Your life was never yours – Best Inspirational speech

Your life was never yours. Neither when you were born nor when you started your school nor when you got your first job and neither when you thought that you are married now you have settled.

From birth to death, we always live for others until we die. They are the others whom we call ourselves…Parents, siblings, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends, wife-children etc. are those people, who have got any meaning from our lives. This is the people who give our life a goal. This is the people who are “Life” because of our life.

The Biggest Truth Of Life -Best Inspirational speech

Ever take the time to think about this when we are frustrated in life, when we are depressed, when we say … man, nothing is going to happen to me, in Actual, who do we call it for? We are unable to do anything for ourselves or we are unable to do anything for these people.

Suppose you are earning a lot of money then who do you spend a major part of this money on? Are you troubled to meet the needs of those people? Are not they your parents, are they not your siblings or your wife and children’s? For whom you want to do everything.

Many people often recommend that they live for themselves. What did it mean to live for yourself? If you were to live only for yourself, it would have been enough for you to eat two times. Then what was needed to run such a race … to be so disturbed … so make pressure on yourself. You tolerate so much, not for that you want to live for yourself. Rather you tolerate so much because you want to do something for them that you love.

You want to give them a better life too. You want to fulfil their dreams along with you. God has made us people like this…that we always try to do better for those we love. This is a great truth of life and you understand this truth. No person just live for himself. Even animals taking risk their lives for their children and for their family.

Understand this truth then you will never need any external motivation. You will know that if your parents gave you a good life, then you also have to give a better life to your parents. Here is your last motive and accept it and go ahead in life.

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